“Models of Post-Opulence” is the title of the Workshop organised by Mirage within the framework of the cycle of cultural events set to take place at the “Mirage Project Point”: a consultation and meeting area aimed at architects, designers and sector operators, located in the Brera area of Milan.


The shake-up in values, the institutions, society and politics expected for some time now is finally sweeping through Europe and much of the western world.
We are witnessing an authentic sea change, the end of an era, a transformation set to alter our relationship with technology, with money, with services and products, indeed with the whole consumer and service system.
At the same time, there is a clear evolution in values and in social models towards experiences that money cannot buy: friendship, peace of mind, conviviality, as well as seriousness, reputation, lasting reliability.

“A good job well done” is what the consumer is looking for at this point in history, marked by a global crisis challenging the world of high-end companies to put their heart into overcoming the difficulties faced, by tackling the models for the future in the midst of the present crisis, by adopting those models that will allow them to sell their expertise.
We’re not talking just about luxury niche markets, because a job well done is not something only the wealthy can aspire to. Properly, skilfully made products are built to last, and can be repaired; they often focus on a renewed idea of excellence, through a fortunate combination of talent and quality.
The current crisis, already evident for some years now, exposes the weakness of a development model that has become “unsustainable”: we are through with the financial vision of wealth, and increasingly seek “outstanding experiences” rather than simply products or services.


These are the themes of the workshop, which will be held on the evening of 27 October by Francesco Morace, a sociologist, writer and journalist who for 30 years has been working in the field of social and market research and is the President of Future Concept Lab.
There will also be the opportunity for contributions and questions from the public.

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TRANSITION: travel becomes experience



Research, experimentation, design.
A journey of sensations, memories and experiences, called transition.
Transition is a collection born from the collaboration of Lanzavecchia + Wai with Mirage, an international business working and travelling between Italy and Singapore: a meeting and a creative path linked to the concept of landscape, change, real and metaphorical transition from one place to another, a journey that becomes experience.

No reference or imitation: Transition goes beyond the canons of imitation, defining a new, timeless and contemporary nature of porcelain stoneware whose roots lie in italian culture and tradition.
Transition refers to the world of italian-made handicrafts: an ancient skill, known and handed down through time, blends with the technology of industrial production. Naturally irregular, the texture is enriched with overlaid colours, creating the ideal photograph of a journey.
An itinerary that crosses italy, collecting colours and shades and re-interpreting them in a contemporary key.

The colours of the landscape are interpreted and synthesised in neutral, natural nuances that give off a rare sensation of peace and lightness. Delicate shades and soft colour passages become refined proposals for a contemporary lifestyle.


With Transition, mirage underlines its own green spirit, with important ethical choices:
_the selection of a mix made with a majority of materials taken from production waste (pre-consumer recycled materials > 25%) and the use of zero-mileage local sand, which guarantees the same high technical performance that is typical of mirage porcelain stoneware.
_material packaged in 100% recycled cardboard.
_the use of pallet made from 100% recycled wood.
A green soul, sensitive to the environment, with aesthetics evolving in surfaces with a highly contemporary design.

TRANSITION: a journey between design and Italian-ness


5 colour shades representing the stages of a creative, ideal journey between one city and another, a journey crossing Italy from South to North: from Ostuni to Matera, from Matera to Lecce and from Milan to Turin. The spirit of each city is told in a colour shade extrapolated from the city landscape.
TR 01 Ostuni
TR 02 Lecce
TR 03 Matera
TR 04 Torino
TR 05 Milano
A new texture, inspired by the typically Italian hand-crafted ceramic production, describes the surface and presents its own transition in terms of visual perception: at a distance of just a few metres it is imperceptible, and the product seems to be plain in colour, while closer up it reveals itself in a miniature weave of rich details.

Mirage_Transition_Fade_4_5_TR05_120x120cm_01_Airport_Definitivo_01_MERGE 30

Sizes and decorative elements
The collection has a range of different elements and sizes (60×60 and 120×120), designed for use in different combinations to decorate, underline pathways and create usable, comfortable spaces.
A clean, elegance background blends with elements offering overlapping colours (Fade, in sizes 60×60 and 120×120) which can steer the eye, outline and enhance spaces.

Transition is a transversal collection, designed for residential and commercial settings, indoor and outdoor, for floors, wall tiling and even façades.

Take a look at Transition Photo Album! NAtural tiME


The reference to stone has always been a symbol, an essential archetype with a strong emotional and representative value for Man, able to convey sensations of stability, consistency and solidity, as well as beauty, purity and a sense of belonging.
This allusion, this allure of stone today makes its way into our living spaces, transmitting all the luxury of the simple things in life, creating an ambience able to silently incorporate beauty into a wabi-sabi philosophy, rooted in the acceptance that nothing is permanent, nothing is perfect. Nothing lasts, nothing is endless, nothing is without faults.
The beauty of unpretentious simplicity, drawing its strength from the passage of time. A subtle beauty, where imperfection adds a unique elegance to the object, enhancing the allure acquired through time.

NA.ME: AN INTERPRETATION OF STONE a synthesis of natural and time: natural, like the stones that have written the history of architecture. Time, because it’s time for the structural and aesthetic perfection of porcelain stoneware.
Mirage’s aim here is to broaden its horizons, moving on from a simple porcelain stoneware interpretation of stone and evolving into an authentic collector of stone types, each with its own distinctive inspiration and essential beauty.
The selection of the stones has focused on what has always been the very essence of the material – the colour. So we created a complete, practical palette, followed by painstaking research according to type, selecting those stones most widely used in architecture and contemporary design.
This makes a container that allows the user to combine, mix and create a dialogue that engages different materials, colours and surfaces, which ideally belong to 3 different styles, or boxes:

BOX 1 | Stones with rich, warm, elegant, sophisticated nuances. Unique details with a Mediterranean inspiration

BOX 2 | Stones with simple, elegant, dusty colours, with a characteristically Nordic slant, for a beautifully balanced look

BOX 3 | Stones with soft shifts of colour and sophisticated shades, for a versatile, balanced mix

The collection offers a distinctive take on different types of stone, thanks to the unique quality of selected natural raw materials and cutting-edge techniques that allow us to create something more than a simple interpretation of stone, yielding monolithic slabs in porcelain stoneware, with complex patterns and a unique appearance.
The polished surface, which brings extra lustre to the collection, is obtained by applying layers of glass grit that enriches and enhances the details and inclusions.
The rich, complex textures, blends of colour and minute details of the Mirage slabs make for a result that outdoes the natural imperfections and excesses of the natural stones, and each one is unique.

These formulas cherish the charm of yesteryear and bring it to the present day and beyond.

Mirage_NaMe_02 Hall_Ocean Grey


A QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE NA.ME COLLECTION BY MIRAGE comes in a variety of colours and surfaces, for the most effective response possible to all sorts of architectural and project design requirements

Colours is available in 10 colours, divided into 3 boxes
BOX 1 |
NE 10 Jura Beige
NE 11 Bone Travertine
NE 12 Bourgogne
NE 13 Ocean Grey
NE 14 Berkshire

BOX 2 |
NE 20 Swiss Grey
NE 21 Lumnezia

BOX 3 |
NE 30 Noir Belge
NE 31 Gris Belge
NE 32 Noisette Belge

Mirage_Na Me_Noir Belge 60x60 Luc e 45x90 ST_06 Interno Esterno_

A large variety of sizes are available, from the more traditional 15×60, 30×60 and 60×60 to more contemporary options such as 20×119.7 or 60×119.7, as well as the new large sizes 240×120 and 120×120, designed to guarantee a wide variety of uses in architecture and to allowing them to blend into any environment, offering an unprecedentedly stylish, practical, versatile option.
The introduction of these new sizes takes floor and wall coverings into a whole new architectural dimension: stylishly tailor-made for living spaces just waiting for a new look.

Natural surfaces, as well as polished surfaces, soft to the touch and 20 mm thick (Mirage Contemporary Landscape project): is a unique collection in the world of ceramics, which can be used not only indoors, but also in a variety of outdoor areas and on outside walls, for modern, creative project solutions.
A complete, versatile project, with surfaces and sizes that combine and complement one another to offer new, creative solutions and applications.
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NooN: naturally thinking

RAW –DESIGN STYLE: getting back to our roots, every board has a story to tell
It’s not shabby, it’s not rustic, and it’s not vintage; it’s “raw-design style”, going back to our roots and celebrating the imperfect and the unfinished.
A style whose strong emotional impact involves all 5 senses and takes us towards a new dimension, where a look blends in with a sensation, playing with contrasts and creating combinations that are sophisticated, modern and appealing but still feel “warm” because of their imperfect air. RAW-STYLE conveys the idea of spontaneity as opposed to pretence, it makes us feel closer to nature and a part of it, respecting it by creating interesting combinations, like the new minimal style (bringing together elements of classical design with contrasting elements of raw-design) or contemporary vintage (combining vintage with natural elements).


NOON: Contemporary and imperfect
The warm and inviting NooN collection is a faithful interpretation of the grains, knots and unique patterns that are a natural feature of raw boards, conveying the essence of materials found in nature, giving any space or surroundings an original and genuine feeling of warmth.
NooN was inspired by an approach that suggests things and experiences that spurn excess, whose beauty comes from their direct and simple nature, with the mark of elegant simplicity, effortless performance and charming imperfection. It is a collection whose simplicity conveys a feeling of a space that has aged, the ideal solution for creating a personal and intimate mood.
The collection is the result of a clever combination of planed boards, aged, faded by the sun, as well as remnants of shells, crusty surfaces or bark: every board is visibly different to the others in its colour and pattern, creating a new perspective that still retains the spontaneous and unexpected variations found in nature.
Each board has its own story to tell through its pattern and its shades of colour: inspiration whose sensitivity is revealed through the marks left by the passing of time and the most exquisite and evocative shades of colour, beauty conveyed by almost imperceptible details.

NooN expresses the idea of simplicity with a contemporary angle.

Mirage_Noon_20x120 Naturale_01 Commerciale

NooN is available in several colours and shapes, ideal for conveying the typical concept of a naturally hardwearing material.

Colours is available in 5 colours
NN 01 Daylight
NN 02 Ember
NN 03 Honey
NN 04 Burnet
NN 05 Charcoal


15×60 natural, 20×120 natural squared edge and 20×120 chevron: Mirage rediscovers a timeless elegance using a shape to create a classic herringbone pattern. The basic 20x120cm tile is laid in a pattern that forms an interesting rhythm, capable of giving a new beat to a room and enhancing the most contemporary architectural styles.

As well as a natural surface whose looks create a feeling of warmth and a lived-in mood, Mirage has a glossy surface that combines raw graphics with an elegant surface finish to give rooms their own life and style, conveying a deep-seated aesthetic and emotional impact.

Great looks are combined with high performance in terms of resistance to water, chemicals and wear, resulting in a perfect collection for residential and commercial applications for domestic or urban settings, with an original and dynamic approach.
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Privilege: extraordinary wall Tiles for that special touch


The Privilege collection has been extended with new ideas. With new patterns that imitate natural elements such as stone, gems and onyx alongside other references to underground culture, it is thus a collection of different trends that develop in the streets and the ‘cooler’ districts in town.



The new ranges by Mirage have an urban, cosmopolitan feel which goes well with the rather rugged charm of resin and concrete, including a hint of graffiti which has shed a totally new light on street art.


Research did not end here, however, but strives towards a unique concept of personalisation in ceramics. Emotions is the name given to the collection of ceramic slabs that transform wall tiles into an evocative, custom-made image.

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Jewels Suit: tailor-made ceramics


Creativity, cutting edge technology and customisation reach sartorial levels in this exclusive project that decodes the demands of anyone looking to give the rooms in their home a unique and personal touch.

Jewels Suit porcelain stoneware gives interiors an ad hoc, made to measure look: this is the best way to describe a solution designed and perfected for Jewels and Jewels Encore, the collections by Mirage that express the true beauty of the most exclusive marbles. Slabs that give rooms the magical and genuine appeal that only the most prestigious materials can conjure. Slabs that now combine an utterly sophisticated feeling of elegance with total design freedom thanks to the Jewels Suit project.

The combinations of shapes, colours and decorations are ideal for anyone looking for a tailor made solution.

There are 5 styles: geometrics, linear and floral decorations adapting to different room dimensions and the most diverse tastes, the perfect response to any specific preferences. With Jewels Suit there are no limits to the tiling layouts that can be produced, unleashing a newfound creativity and redefining the spaces in the home.

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The second Restile contest, whose aim is to explore new and innovative ideas in ceramics, was well attended again this year with all those taking part, intent on seeing ceramics from a new and innovative perspective. Its success and the involvement created are confirmed by the numbers and interaction in the digital spaces: over 200 projects were submitted, about 24,000 visits were made to the contest’s website, not to mention almost 350,000 views of the dedicated posts.

Restile can be considered an authentic, creative crowd-sourcing project that has now entered its final stages, the announcement of the three winning entries.

The ceramic concepts that won over the jury – made up of internationally acclaimed industry professionals, lecturers from the Politecnico university in Milan, and the Board of Directors of the company –  are those designed by:

Gianluca Carraro (Italy) – His project – SHASHIKO – was inspired by a traditional Japanese embroidery technique. The result is a tile with the markings and the patterns of a piece of poetry, resulting in a primordial yet sophisticated ceramic product.

First place. Comments For the considerable skill in merging an oriental inspiration with a western context, and for the exciting ability to transform a woven effect into a tangible surface, through the exploration of an idea that refuses to imitate others.

Martina Malomo and Francesca Scipioni (Italy) – LAMERAI is a project that took markedly urban materials, non-slip (or embossed) metal sheets and cement, and turned them into a tangible product with a two-fold ceramic surface.

Second place. Comments The reinterpretation of the material creating a metropolitan version whose graphics and texture lend a three-dimension aspect to the product. The jury also appreciated the collection’s uncomplicated approach with regards to production.

Matteo Cecconi (Italy) –  FENIX was named after the Phoenicians, the very first experts in traditional cocciopesto flooring techniques. The concept varies from white to black and is based on a mosaic of tesserae tiles making up a decorative pattern that produces an effect of tiling continuity, giving the final result an unbroken, seamless look.

Third place. Comments  For the reworking of ancient techniques from an industrial angle, with a decidedly modern approach to colour, manufacturing and application.

Enrico Frigerio tells a brand-new story at the Mirage Project Point


At the Mirage Project Point, our creative and consulting space located in the Brera area of Milan, a hub of commercial, artistic and cultural development for the city, once again this year we will be hosting a series of encounters on the theme of architecture, art and photography.

The first of these encounters, scheduled for 17 March 2015, will be welcoming a benchmark figure for Italian architecture, Enrico Frigerio, who will be presenting his newly published work “Behind the scene. Progetti dietro le quinte”, which aims to look into an aspect little is often known about: what actually goes on during the construction and commissioning of a building.

In the sector literature, we are used to leafing through glossy magazines that focus exclusively on a photographic presentation of works, in which a sophisticated, affected set of images are given priority over comments and explanations. The architect Frigerio offers us a different point of view, revealing the crucial role played by the client and the relationship between the client and the design engineer, not always a source of conflict.

Is it always true that there are tensions and ill humour underlying every project? Absolutely not, according to the characters that make up the complex world busy behind the scenes.

Building means carrying out a complex process, with a lot of ups and a few downs. This is the journey architect Enrico Frigerio will be taking us on.







Following the first successful edition, with more than 200 entries received from 25 countries around the world, Mirage, a leading company in the production of Made in Italy porcelain stoneware tiles, launches the new edition of the “RESTILE” contest ( ), a competition designed to find new interpretations of ceramics, no longer based on style trends but characterised by an alternative approach to re-define the future of ceramic flooring.

The contest is targeted at planners, designers and creative minds in general who will offer their personal interpretation of ceramic tiles with an original design proposal.
The “RESTILE” contest was conceived with the idea of creating an innovative product in terms of material and look, giving everybody who is ready to take on the challenge the chance to express their creativity in a personal and original way.

Following registration on , it will be possible to submit entries in digital format, by no later than March 1, 2015.

The three most deserving projects will be chosen according to the criteria of creativity, feasibility, compliance with the contest’s goals and innovation by a jury made up of members of the board of the company and international professional figures:

_Prof. Arch. Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis:  President of the “Fondazione Museo del Design” at the Triennale in Milan and Headmaster at the Design School at the “Politecnico” in Milan;
_Arch. Enrico Frigerio, Frigerio Design Group (Genoa);
_Arch. Cesare Edoardo Chichi, Studio 967 Partner architects (Milan);
_Arch. Lazarou and Arch.  Michael, “Lazarou & Michael, Partner Architects” (Cyprus);
_Arch Kata Suto and Arch.  Laszlo Suto, Suto Interior Architects (Budapest);
_Mr Mirco Migliari, Mirage President & CEO;
_Mrs Laura Dalla Sega, Mirage Project Point Manager;

The winners will be announced by March 25, 2015, and the results will be published on the contest official website.

The winners will have the opportunity to showcase their projects at Mirage Project Point during the Salone del Mobile in Milan (14-19 April 2015) and the first three winners will also receive a money prize:  1st prize € 7,000.00, 2nd prize € 2,000.00 and  3rd prize € 1,000.00.  The winner (first classified only) will have the right to personally display the project at the MIRAGE PROJECT POINT during the Salone del Mobile 2015: travel and lodging expenses will be paid by Mirage.

The award ceremony will take place at the Mirage Project Point during the Salone del Mobile, during the “Restile Awards” evening, in the presence of representatives of national and international architecture firms.

The Mirage Project Point is a multi-purpose space available to designers and artists, set in a creative setting to consult, experiment and find new ideas and solutions, in the heart of Milan, in the Brera Design District. A constant focus for the city’s commercial, artistic and cultural development, Brera is the ideal stage for art and design in the many forms and manifestations, and acts as a primary showcase during the Fuorisalone/Milan Design Week

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Officine by Mirage: Strong soul, Pure Heart

officine 1


You know those reclaimed panels that are everywhere in the ateliers, workshops and offices of decorators and designers? They are made of real metal, and are a source of inspiration and creativity given their ability to change, oxidise, and mutate depending on how they are affected by different treatments, temperatures and the passing of the seasons.
Officine by Mirage has captured this power of expression and combined it with modern porcelain stoneware technology, creating a collection encapsulating the true and full appeal of aged, oxidised sheet metal.

officine 2


Lofts, apartments, shops. The Officine project is ideal for countless settings and meets the demands of a variety of styles with its two surface finishes: the Natural finish for those who opt for tactile sensations, and the innovative, mirror-bright Gloss finish. Both are available in two shapes – 60×60 and 30×60 – and 4 colours: Acid, Romantic, Dark and Gothic. With Officine by Mirage, the many tones and fine details of pickled metal have been crystallised in an original and versatile product: perfect for mixing with wood-effect surfaces, cement, resin or stone. Officine by Mirage: Strong soul, Pure Heart.

officine 3


officine 4